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Self- Compassion: Using love as your fuel

All these concepts that we buy into and make them part of our daily life and choices; Self-Compassion is not a excuse to procrastinate, fail, or lack of commitment. I see self- compassion as the fuel we use to fill our car tanks to keep going, as the medication the Dr prescribes when you are sick and you take to get back to your feet asap. Responsible self- compassion is about not beating yourself every time you "fail"; is about having the inner knowing that you are doing the best you can and giving yourself credit for it. People who practice self-compassion have an intrinsic knowledge of their value and re- engage quicker after a setback. I encourage you to use love but not shame or fear to keep your moving towards your goal. Here are some tips:

  1. Write a letter to yourself 5 years from now. This will be an appreciation letter to you. Acknowledging now that whatever your results or life may look 5 years from now you are grateful for everything you've done for yourself as well as for others.

  2. Compassion is in great part about empathy, when you are feeling down or experience a setback. Take yourself out of the situation for a second and imagine if it was a friend not you who is going through the same situation. How would you talk to him/her? After that insert yourself back into the situation.

  3. I love assessments, I recommend going into and completing their survey on self-compassion. This will give you a general overview on how self-compassionate you currently are.

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