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A letter to my love

I've become an advocate for Self-Love, Compassion and acceptance. Regardless I'm no stranger to feelings of inadequacy, never good enough and I'm still not where I thought I'd be kind of thinking. I catch myself in that dark spiral thinking that goes nowhere but south and that's where I start journaling to center myself again. One of those times I journaled the following letter:

I’m grateful that now I get to become aware of so much of myself, I care for my process, I own my present, my past and my thoughts. For this today I live in peace. I love myself so much right this moment. I thank the universe , GOD for living inside of me always and bringing the right people along my way, so I could experience a greater good a higher knowledge of who I’m and most important who I’m becoming. I choose to stand today in a place of peace, satisfaction, and awe. I honor my choices neither good or bad, they were just mine to own and to live. I love me for that. Owing my story gives me a greater sense of belonging and self acceptance of the most important person in my life… me. And once I’m in that self- loving spot my love and service for others blossoms into a rainbow full of color, joy, unconditional love and acceptance. As I write these words I feel so grounded, this divine space where I have everything I want nothing but this instance.”

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