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Your story is your superpower!

Most of us are controlled constantly by fear and guilt; therefore hiding under the carpet every aspect of ourselves we don't like. We tend to avoid vulnerability and so we protect ourselves from the judgment of others and our own; And so we spent most of our lives highlighting the

"positives" sides of our story and hiding the "negatives" ones. I even had a client tell me once that she was shocked when she heard me say in a workshop " Your story is your superpower own it" She told me then , she had spent most of her life wishing she had a giant eraser to wipe out all her past. When I say your story is your superpower it means that you have to own your "shadows". This means you have to acknowledge every aspect of oneself even the dark ones. Your story includes the 100% of who you are. Not only the parts of you who have been validated and accepted by others; so to speak your "good personality traits" or choices that most people have considered good on your behave.

We buy in to so much BS ( sorry, not sorry).....since our childhood. I grew up, in a small town in the west area of Puerto Rico my parents enrolled me as a child in a private christian school, when I was in third grade I had a substitute teacher tell me: "Ana you are just to loud"

I remember how ashamed I was, I felt her disapproving eyes over me. I felt completely silenced. So for a while I tried to be a quite as and polite as possible, even as an adult I tried to play stupid and cheerful at times where I was not 100% on board with what was going on in my life. All because I thought speaking my mind was considered rude and sometimes loud. I can't lie, that silenced behavior didn't last for long. Little did 10 year old Ana knew about how far her voice, thoughts and loud personality would take her, how much she'd be able to help others using her voice. Unapologetically, I own my loudness, sometimes bad temper, lack of's who I'm; along with my willingness to help, support, love everybody that I can. I'm the whole deal! And I love it!

My point is that once you understand that every personality trait, unhappy moment and regretted decision that you have been trying to hide is actually what can make you outstand and excel. That's when you will tap into your superpower by embracing your story with compassion , connection and courage. This is the key to creating the best version of you and shedding light to those around.

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