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Are you tired of pleasing, perfecting, performing and providing, for others?

Are you  tired of your negative self talk making you feel like you are not good enough?

Do you self identify as being a people pleaser?

Do you struggle with setting healthy boundaries?

Stressed Woman

20% of stress causes on  work place  comes from  juggling work and personal life- American Institute of Stress

I know how it feels

When I was about 15 years old my mother decided to tell me the story behind my conception and how I was an unwanted child. I decided then, I was going to make everything I needed to do to get acceptance. 20 years down the road I was making all sorts of decision based on other people's expectations of me. I was trading in authenticity for acceptance in every aspect of my life. I was operating as a high achiever and yet felt like nothing was ever good enough. From outside  looking in my life look great but in I never felt satisfied with where I was. 

If you don't become aware of what beliefs are holding us back, you can literally spend our whole lives fitting in, thinking that you are actually being accepted.


This is when I started over performing, helping others by providing for them and pleasing as I was a yes person. I did not know I need to  establishing healthy  boundaries.  And then it became difficult for me to establish them later as I didn't  know how to, and I still wanted to be perceived as "perfect". And let me tell you the harder I tried the worst I felt, the more I achieved the further away I was from learning who I truly was and what made me happy.

And finally, I paid my price and hit rock bottom. There in my darkest hour I knew I needed to do something  different to rise above it all. I decided to go all in on myself by becoming a certified coach, researching, reading, journaling, meditating  which lead me to create Empowered by Self -Love. This is my  signature program that lies in 4 pillars Self -Knowledge, Self - Acceptance , Stepping out of the Comfort Zone and Accountability


High Achievers Coaching

We start with D.I.G. DEEP:

1. Deliberate: Focused and clear about what is holding you back. For this we dive into the 1st pillar of my signature program: Self Knowledge. For starters we begin to understand the layers that are holding you back and not servicing you well. Together we work to honor, accept and let go of self sabotaging, sacrificing and people pleasing. 

2. Intentional- As high performers we do go above and beyond when it comes for others but for ourselves really don't. So here is where the support and accountability comes in handy; We will set  actions steps and support systems that will help  you keep your focus on the most important asset ... yourself!

3. Get going: Together we will set a plan in place that tailored to you, your lifestyle and your own specific needs.

Why coaching ?

Let's face it if you knew how to solve your problems you would've have done it already, the reality is that we are not meant to do this on our own; yes you can always buy a book read it make notes and then forget all about it and go back to our old habits. You can invest in personal development trainings, but usually the change will only last for the next few weeks or days. And yes you might just want a quick fix; perhaps a motivational quote here and there. But it is not sustainable and often will result in returning to old habits or patterns. One on one coaching provides action plans specific to you and your own needs; 

I'm not for everyone....

My clients often tell me I make some hard, deep questions, that usually can't be answered right of the bat. And yes, that might be uncomfortable but isn't that the purpose "Break from your comfort zone" I work with people who are open to put in the work,  commitment, energy and focus. We are going to dive deep and rise above, the good news is you don't have to do it alone, I'm here for you!

Three Women

Client Love

After my coaching with Ana I learned the real need  I was sufficing behind every decision . I learned how to accept, let go, forgive myself and overall gave me the freedom to make conscious decisions."

Madga  M., PR

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