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I invested 18 years in sales and marketing, where I realized that I had made many decisions in my life  based on what others expected of me. Twenty  years later I was trading in authenticity for acceptance in every aspect of my life; overachieving and performing and yet felt like nothing was ever good enough.  From outside my life look good but, in the inside, I was always unsatisfied.” I know how it feels to be a high achiever who is publicly successful, but internally unfulfilled.  Today I help people  who want to break free from the pleasing, perfecting, performing, and providing race. So, they can celebrate themselves without self-sacrificing.


About Me

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 Transformational Self Mastery Coach 
& Speaker

I'm passionate about inner growth, whether live or virtual I love speaking about it. As a bilingual coach I can reach even more people. 

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5 tips on how to create Win-Win in relationships


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