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Create the life you've always dreamed of without sacrificing yourself

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I spent most of my life in the pleasing, perfecting performing, and providing. After 18 years I decided I needed to break free."

I know how it feels... today you have come to a point where you are running out of options, and you really can’t spread yourself any thinner. You are desperate for a change; a chance to break free. I created this program so you can create the life of your dreams without self sacrificing. 

Do you feel that you have cross out most of your life goals and
exceeded them, but still feel that is not good enough?

Do you fear that you might lose control on everything you
have worked so hard ?

I was there too for a long time, as High Achievers your sense of self-worth usually comes from the amounts of goals accomplished. So when something doesn’t meet our expectations or things don’t go as plan it can affect us in many areas of our lives.


As high achievers we pride our self in being strong, independent, go getters and resilient; but what happens when feelings of inadequacy bottle inside? Who do we turn to? It gets lonely at the TOP. And let’s face it asking for help is not one of our strengths, as we pride in our independence.


   According to recent studies the high achiever syndrome is characterize by:

  • Avoiding asking for help as HA don’t want to look vulnerable.

  • You’re a perfectionist (nothing is every good enough). 

  • You have a harsh inner critic (what’s wrong with me, why’d I make that mistake)

If so, you might feel: burnout, headaches, not getting enough satisfaction from work as you used to, self doubting, fear of loosing everything you have worked for among others.

Be part of the 8-Week Self-Mastery Program

  • 8 x 1 hour weekly one on one call.  

  • Weekly Workbook

  • Voxer support midweek with 24 hour turn around

  • Google Drive folder with class recordings and materials

  • Freebie: 90 min Strategy Call

This is how we are going to create the life you dream of...

Module 1: Get Control of your life by Identifying Limiting Beliefs about all types of relationships


Module 2:  Create your new reality by Discovering the true purpose of relationships.


Module 3: Stop Self Sacrificing- Learn how to give from your overflow. 


Module 4: Become a masterful  at  deliberately choosing what energy you give.


Module 5: Establish healthy boundaries: Choosing the energy you receive


Module 6: Creating the life of your dreams by deciding who and what you want to be in every situation


Module 7: Take control of your inner critic- By learning how to celebrate the “little wins” 


Module 8: Create a plan and maintain your success: By being in the flow with your goals.

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Client Love

After my coaching with Ana I learned the real need  I was sufficing behind every decision . I learned how to accept, let go, forgive myself and overall gave me the freedom to make conscious decisions."

Madga  M., PR

Who is this for?

This is created for the achievers that are publicly successful and secretly unfulfilled; who have crossed-out all of their "must-do" list and are ready to take a new leap free of every relationship drama.

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