Relationship Mastery

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I spent most of my life in the pleasing, perfecting performing, and providing. After 18 years I decided I needed to break free."- Ana Merced 

I know how It feels, today you have come to a point where you are running out of options, and you really can’t spread yourself any thinner. You are desperate for a chance; a chance to break free. I created this program so you can achieve alignment with yourself, fulfillment, and happiness outside of your successful careers.

Become the Master of Every Relationship

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Client Love

After my coaching with Ana I learned the real need  I was sufficing behind every decision . I learned how to accept, let go, forgive myself and overall gave me the freedom to make conscious decisions."

Madga  M., PR

Who is this for?

This is created for the achievers that are publicly successful and secretly unfulfilled; who have crossed-out all of their "must-do" list and are ready to take a new leap free of every relationship drama.