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Clarity and Confidence Coaching for High Performers

What do high performers struggle with the most?


There is a peculiarity in high performers, as good as we are in certain areas, we struggle as much in others.  High performance women are constantly in the race of pleasing, perfecting, providing, and performing. Everyone wants more life balance, we wished we had it all squared out.  Whatever the “good life” might look for you, it feels like you never get to the place you want. Desiring from the bottom of our hearts: “I wished I had more fulfillment in my life.” But we lack the confidence to claim boundaries and step out of that comfort zone that makes look so good from the outside.


But to thrive at that next level, you need to activate your full potential inside out. You need to gain clarity of what is really important to you and develop the confidence to step out and call the shots. Let’s face it is not easy doing it on your own.


So I have A Few Questions For You


Are you a yes pleaser? Have you done everything everyone expected from you and now you feel you have lost complete sense of who you truly are? Everyone admires how outstanding you look from the outside but deep inside you feel completely out of balance and clarity with yourself? Have you traded authenticity for acceptance? Do you want to learn how to stop self-sacrificing , taking time to truly celebrate each step of the way?


If That Sounds Like You, I Can Help!


My name is Ana Merced, and I know what is to struggle with self-acceptance, owing my worth and establishing boundaries. If you spare with me an hour of your time I’d like to explore you dreams, understand what is holding you back and then give you the clarity and confidence you need to take on the balanced life you’ve always dreamed of. We will explore what tools and strategies we can put in place so we can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Women Holding Hands

You are not alone, let's do this together!

What is Clarity and Confidence Coaching for High Performers?


High performance coaching will close the gap between the success that you have in some areas and the struggle you confront in others. This specific coaching is science backed and heart driven approach. This technique will specifically help you redefine and redesign the meaning of success in your life; taking it to the next level, where you can feel clear and confident in ALL areas of your life.  Every decision you take from that moment on will be conscious and deliberate, full of self-acceptance and knowledge. Your days of trading authenticity for acceptance will be over.

Three Women

What People Say

After my coaching with Ana I learned the real need  I was sufficing behind every decision . I learned how to accept, let go, forgive myself and overall gave me the freedom to make conscious decisions."

Madga  M., PR

Apply for the High Performance Clarity


Spend an hour with certified Clarity and Confidence Coach Ana Merced and learn how to apply the most advanced high performance tools and techniques. In this call you would experience the power of coaching by achieving the following.

  • Explore  your ideal  balanced life, goals and dreams.

  • Get clarity on what is holding you back for your ideal life.

  • Identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Receive the tools, strategies, and resources to breakthrough, close the gap, and turn your ambitious into reality.

  • We’ll discuss how I can support you in actually flowing through! Because lets face it if you knew what to do and had the courage to go after it would have accomplish it already.         



…Let’s get real… there’s is something holding you back and accountability that pushes you beyond where you have taken yourself will be the key to living the life you want. You can only take yourself so far, but you can go further together.

Everything Is Possible


When your mind and body are aligned, you are clear, productive, influential, present, and know your purpose- you will be able to achieve anything.


During our time together, I will push your limits and get you to the next level by giving you a clear understanding of the 5 benefit areas of high performance... CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, AND SELF LOVE.






  • Have limitless confidence

  • Create systems and structures in their life/business for MORE time FREEDOM.

  • Find their purpose and own it.

  • Change perspective on how you see, hear and value yourself.

  • Celebrate your self every step of the way.

  • Stop self-sacrificing.

  • Make new agreements that support you in creating your highest self.

  • Say goodbye to victimhood and start acting like a deliberate creator.



I'm Ana 

I've spent 18 years as a marketing and sales expert. I realized I have made this decision based on others expectations of me and traded my authenticity for acceptance.

As clarity & confidence  coach I support professional women celebrate their highest self without self sacrificing.

Working from Home

I’m Not For Everyone


As a high performance entrepreneur, I’ve experienced the ups and the downs, stuck moments and lack of motivation that can happen in life and business. I actively practice my own coaching techniques so I can authentically coach you with pure confidence, I walk the talk and my methods have not only be proven effective in my life and business but in my clients as well.


I MUST WARN YOU! I will make you go deep; you might have to have those conversations with yourself you’ve been avoiding to. It might be uncomfortable, but I guarantee its totally worth it. For my techniques to work you need to be ready for honest and transparency. Going back and forth is not going to help your breakthrough. So if you are not ready to be motivated, be called out and accountable please don’t apply.


In the other hand, if you’ve tired of the PPPP (pleasing, perfecting, performing and providing) and are ready to get out of the “rat race” and into you own sync. Book a call with me today and let’s get you marching into your dreams.

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