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4 weeks to Breakthrough:

 Create a thriving and balanced life in 4 weeks

Are you not enjoying work as much as you do?

Are you loosing interest in things you used to enjoy?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo or drive?

As high achievers we pride our self in being strong, independent, and resilient;  We are used to being on the go, go. We don't decide to slow down; usually an event or circumstances that seems out of our control makes us stop. 

Are you at that point?  Where something inside you gets triggered by certain people or situations? And  no matter how much you ignore it shows up every time...


And you are afraid to share it because you might look vulnerable...I get it! You want to feel in control and the way you have learned to do it, is by faking it till' you make it.

Faking till' you make it - works for a while until it doesn't...

If you are at a point where now you just need a freaking break, before the burnout gets the best of you....


Which of these do you struggle the most with? 

 -Control    - Self-Doubt    - The "never good enough" feeling   -Inner Critic  -High Expectations not meet

  • If you struggle with your inner critic  imagine the what your life would be if you learned how to be  flexible and compassionate

  •  If you are tired of feeling  :"It's never good enough" ... Imagine how you life would be if you felt satisfaction and contentment in all areas regardless of your external circumstances.

  • What if you learn  to have healthy and aligned expectations,  Setting goals not for what others expect of  you, but working on ones that are more in sync with your authentic self. 

  • How about  getting rid of the self doubt by being able to set and accomplish goals without getting  obsessed over them.

  •  If you answer is control: Imagine how it would be to feel peaceful in the midst of uncertainty

Imagine the feeling of having the ​​drive - ALWAYS - not only from your accomplishments but from your own self worth.

Let's breakthrough your biggest challenge

In this 4 weeks to breakthrough, Together we are going to address you main struggle, 

get crystal clear on its root cause, redefine & redesign foundation and finally create a strategic plan that allows to be both Driven & Zen. 


    4 weekly one on one VIP  sessions

    Assessments and pre work to fast track your breakthrough

    Vortex access with 24 hrs turn around

BONUS: 30-minute Mentoring Session

Here you will pick my brain for 30 minutes and I will fill you in with all my strategies to expedite your breakthrough. 

What's waiting for you in this breakthrough program?

Week 1:

Pinpoint your biggest challenge. As a high achiever  what is your main struggle?

What is keeping you moving forward and having a more balanced approach in your life. This week we are going to clear your perspective and identify the root cause of your challenge. And your own limiting beliefs around it.


Week 2:

This week we are going to reframe, redefine and redesign your beliefs around your issue by: Creating accountability on what you have created by default and empowering 

Week 3:.

Discovering your "what for" the issue behind the issue.  Discovering the stem

behind your drive and aligning it with your  authentic truth.


We will create an authentic action plan, based on your new belief system and inspired actions; A plan that contemplates what your yin & yang looks like, where actions are going to be filled and be driven by inner self worth and compassion. Obtaining a balance between the driven side of you and the zen, balanced person that wants to emerge.


Become a proficient Self Master by getting rid of  your biggest struggles.
NOW is the right time to work on that balance!

After my coaching with Ana I learned the real need  I was sufficing behind every decision . I learned how to accept, let go, forgive myself and overall gave me the freedom to make conscious decisions.


- Magda M., PR

I learned to define who I am as I was always pleasing everybody but me.

- Joan T., FL

After my one on one coaching with Ana, I was able to discover the real me, break free from fears that have been holding me back for many years.

Maria D., NYC

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